Why I love women (and being one)

I was doing some stretches today at the Y in the little hallway with the exercise mats and such, where pretty much everyone goes to stretch (and some people make really weird noises when doing so, thus making me feel sort of uncomfortable as it is such a small space, after all) and I noticed two middle-aged women, decked out in really comfortable-looking exercise clothes - cute, fitted (but not too tight to be considered over the top) running pants and tank tops - and they were doing what looked like yoga moves, you know, really breathing and getting in touch with their bodies, while at the same time having this incredibly meaningful conversation about how hard it is when one someone dies, and how helpful bereavement groups can be, and how you really need a support system, etc. I got the feeling that one woman's husband had just lost a parent, and they were having this deep heart to heart about it, talking in low, soothing voices, and when one got up to leave I heard her say to her friend "If you need anything - anything - don't hesitate to call." Having lost that conversation to listen in on, I checked out the rest of the crew to see if anyone was doing anything noteworthy, and noticed, over on the other side of the hall, on his back, an older gentleman, who had, in what I'm sure he deemed an absolutle stroke of genius, removed his leather belt from his pants and was using it to lasso and pull his extended legs back towards his body to attain the ultimate stretch.