I think it's safe to say that my copying skills are "advanced"

I finally bit the bullet today and actually made contact with a local temp agency and then filled out an online application. Because we're not sure how much longer we'll be living in North Carolina and because, well, it would be good to make more money, I decided a temporary part-time position might be just the ticket for a while. As one must when applying with staffing agencies, I was required to list all my qualifications. I was able to pick and choose from a list of what seemed like hundreds and in what I suppose was my excitement regarding skills I've attained over the years, I found myself getting very, very pumped about just how awesome I am. "Editing? Shit yeah. Copying? Are you kidding me? The millions of documents I've copied! Faxing? I am AWESOME AT FAXING."

Since the agency I'd chosen deals with more than just people who are superb at filing, like myself, I was confronted with the very difficult task of not getting too carried away with adding skills I don't have, like, for instance, head and neck surgery. It was hard, because I kept imagining with sheer delight how hilarious it would be for these staffing managers to receive my application and go over my skills: "Proof reading. Ok. Database management. Great. Nephrology. Huh. This one really got around."