"Overflowing with cases"

Last night, while watching some reruns of, you know, our Favorite Show Ever, J was playing around on the internet and came across something truly astonishing which led us to a few more truly astonishing things. He was doing a search on the SVU character Casey Novak because I think he has a crush on her, even though he never says that, just continually says how "awesome" she is, but we all know that that means, and he found this blog, this amazing blog allegedly written by the fictional Assistant District Attorney.

Because I'm pretty sure the Assistant District Attorney, should she have a blog, would write things like this March 11, 2006 post:

overflowing with cases

omg there r so many cases i have to get done this week its not even funny. i just thought id come and say hey to all of you. so tell me whats been going on the last week or so?

I don't know about you, but I pretty much thought this was the greatest thing we had ever stumbled upon. Unfortunately Casey hasn't updated in a while, because she's been busy with all those cases probably, but the good news (that's right, it gets even better) is that it turns out lots of people on SVU have blogs.

Olivia Benson, for instance, has one, and it turns out she is pretty stressed out about life ("Secretly, I'm falling apart"), and Elliot has one, too.

I don't know who the people who put their heart and soul into writing these things are, but I'd like to thank them. I don't even know what I want to thank them for, exactly, but basically - for being geniuses.