Feeling determined: Some things I'd kind of like to stop doing

Eating peanut butter straight out of the jar when we don't have anything else for a snack. Saying "awesome" so much, especially to, like, town board members and senior citizens.

Talking about my newfound respect for a woman's biological clock and how much I love babies while drinking at weddings.

Getting mad at the local NPR station when they are playing their weekend music shows and not talk radio, because that's pretty lame.

Opting for reruns of "Dharma and Greg" instead of taking the dogs for a walk.

Losing an earring every single time I wear earrings, it's ridiculous.

Skipping straight to the entertainment news on CNN.com.

Thinking somewhat negative thoughts about myself, for instance, thinking I'm lazy and don't work hard enough, or that my hair doesn't look very good, because first of all, I work pretty hard, and also summer is a great time to let you hair go sort of wild.

Maybe watching "The Today Show," I don't know, I'm disenchanted.

Letting open bottles of wine go bad.