Regarding my violently differing opinions about the show "Full House" depending on my mood and mention of the song "Barbara Ann"

Sometimes - I’ll admit this - when I turn on the television and there’s a rerun of that irresistibly, annoyingly cute sitcom “Full House” on, I watch it. This wasn’t always the case. As a younger person, I couldn’t stand the Tanner family because, of course, they were the antithesis of cool. Now that I’m older, and know that I won’t become uncool through osmosis or anything, sometimes I watch it, particularly if there’s a show on from the years when DJ and Stephanie were older and going through older-kid stuff, like having a first date, or making out with a boy and getting caught by Bob Saget (and while we’re on the subject, please check out this site), who’d get really pissed (and, inevitably, while he was losing his cool, and the teenage daughter was yelling that she just wants “to be treated like a grown up,” Joey would stumble on to the set and provide some comic relief in the form of a Bullwinkle impression). The show would always end with good old Dad coming to his senses and heading up to the girls’ bedroom to have a heart-to-heart and that soft music would play, and I’d think, “You know what? That’s nice.” So yeah, sometimes I flip through the channels, and it’s on, and ok, yes, I watch the entire show.

Sometimes though, like yesterday, “Full House” is on and it’s one of those episodes - there are, like, thousands of them, I think - where one of the guys, usually Jesse, is all revved up about the band The Beach Boys for some reason (occasionally because the band is, inexplicably, coming over to the house for an impromptu concert) and the guys, all of them - Bob Saget (who plays Danny Tanner by the way, but it’s hard to think of him as anyone other than Bob Saget, you know?), Joey and Jesse are singing a Beach Boys tune, and they’re harmonizing for Christ’s sake, while the girls look on in disbelief, and if it’s one of those episodes, I’m telling you, it’s a wonder I don’t throw the TV off a bridge. I cannot change the channel fast enough.