This is kind of like the time he sat down at the piano and played better than I had ever in my life, despite the fact that I'd taken years of lessons, and he'd never even touched the thing before

My little brother and I can be kind of competitive and often talk openly about which one of us is winning at the "Game of Life." I remember very distinctly this night last summer in Maine when one member of our merry party mentioned that since I was married to my soul mate and was working in my field of choice, I was clearly winning. This, naturally, evolved into a rather violent game of ping pong, but since neither of us is really gifted with ping pong playing skills, I don't think anything was decided right then and there. But now my brother has really gone and upped the ante by having a story published in the New York Post. Say what you will about the Post, I promise you this: more people read that paper than any paper I've ever written for. A lot more.

I could go and get jealous about this - believe me, I've tried - but the problem is I can't be anything but incredibly proud. I just want to show his story off to everyone I know. He worked hard on it (it's a great story) and pushed for it to be published. And because most editors know a good thing when they see it, it was in the paper this Tuesday.

You can read Vinnie's story in the Post online here.