Michael Showalter and other people I love this week

A while back J and I rented and watched the movie "Wet Hot American Summer." I'd somehow missed out on the MTV comedy series "The State" as a teenager in the 90s (the kind of crucial lacking in my sketch comedy education that, upon telling people this fact, they'd usually say something along the lines of "WHAT?! You've never seen 'The State'??? WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM??") and learned that the very same geniuses who created that show were responsible for "Wet Hot American Summer," which by the way, quickly became just about my favorite movie. And that's really something. I'm not saying I'm some well-known comedy critic or anything - in fact, just the opposite. I often don't quite get it when the general population finds something totally hysterical. One problem is - and I'm not proud of this - I'm not that into fart jokes or potty humor. I know my admitting to that probably means I'm going to be labeled as a snobby, sad, old prude, but it's the truth.

The thing is when I do find something, some show or movie or person, I think is funny, I usually latch on with fervent intensity that results in my becoming, well, borderline obsessed. Like when I first saw the British version of the show "The Office" (which came out before the American version and was basically produced by the same people and, if you haven't seen it, please, please rent it immediately, you won't regret it, I swear) I immediately declared it was the best, funniest show I'd ever seen and proceeded to watch all the episodes about 3,000 times, over and over again. I'm mildly exaggerating. Mildly.

Anyway, after I'd watched "Wet Hot American Summer" a bunch of times, J decided I should see some of the episodes of "The State" especially because you can now download the first season on iTunes. So I did, and guess what? I loved "The State" too!

Next we rented all the episodes of this show called "Stella," a short-lived Comedy Central series that was on a while ago, starring Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter and David Wain, who were all involved in both projects mentioned above. And now we're watching "The Michael Showalter Showalter," which you can find on collegehumor.com.

There's no turning back now. I find everything these guys do hilarious and will probably be telling everyone I talk to over the next few weeks that they'd better check them out. Because there's nothing like someone telling you to watch something they think is funny, and then for emphasis, reenacting certain scenes for you, and then laughing really hard while you look on with a confused look on your face. So to avoid this situation, just watch it all. Trust me.