Still alive

Although this is one of those times where I'm already thinking about getting under the covers in my very comfortable bed, reading a few pages of the latest murder mystery I've immersed myself in, and succumbing to the laziness induced by, well, just feeling lazy on a Sunday, as well as the ice cream sandwich I just ate - I thought I'd get on the old computer and just write a post to make sure you all knew that I'm still alive and very dedicated to my blog, although I've been so busy lately I haven't had the time to write a decent post. Not that this is decent, mind you. I mean, I've got a few stories. Stuff to write about. J is set to defend his thesis this week, for one thing. After years of hard work, he'll get his PhD. And we're moving in less than a month. You know...stuff! For the moment, this less than decent post will have to suffice, but I promise I'll get to everything else soon.