Highlights (Milwaukee, Madison, St. Paul/Minneapolis)

Talking about our road trip with the friendly, older couple from Illinois over beers after the Miller Brewing Company tour. Taking the scenic route and driving along the Mississippi on our way from Wisconsin to the Twin Cities.

Eating a huge piece of turtle cake at Cafe Latte on Grand Avenue.

The talkative and hilarious taxi driver who told us he'd "misspent" his youth partying in all 50 states when he was younger, and who, when asked for local advice told us to "get the fuck out of St. Paul after 4 p.m. - there ain't nothing happening in St. Paul."

Sipping a cafe au lait and eavesdropping on the regulars with their intriguing conversations at the Plan B Coffeehouse in Minneapolis.

The Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Walker Art Center.