Highlights (Montana)

The friendly staff at the Creekside Inn in Missoula who happily reminded us that they always have fresh coffee brewed in the lobby. Eating granola at Food for Thought near the University of Montana campus, which J discovered while perusing our "Let's Go USA" guidebook.

Browsing the huge selection of teas at Butterfly Herbs and picking out some Christmas gifts.

Talking about the mating habits of salmon with two guys I met while floating around in the big outdoor pool at the Lolo Hot Springs.

Getting help from the bartender (Ted Kennedy was involved in a car crash that resulted in one fatality in 1969) during pub trivia while drinking local beers at Sean Kelly's.

Trying to spot a moose.

Stopping at a rest stop off US 90 just before passing into northern Idaho, and breathing in the overpowering scent of pine trees.