We met online

Me and E After leaving Seattle J and I drove to Tacoma to meet fellow blogger Eric and his family for dinner.

If you read the comments on this blog, you know Eric as "e."

The cool thing about this event was that Eric and I had never met before. We stumbled across one another's blogs some time ago and have kept up with each other since. We've written emails, talked on the phone a few times, even discussed some creative business ideas. None of them have gone anywhere yet, but just you wait.

I loved getting to meet him, his wife and daughter in person, all of whom were so much fun to talk to. Also, this goes to show that my blog (or "blob" as my dad used to call it) might have some practical applications in real life. Networking. Meeting other human beings. Connectivity across the country.

Alright, maybe I'm getting carried away, but the point is, I'm very happy to have some new friends in Tacoma.