Pacific Grove, CA I was going to take some time this morning and write a nice, long update of our most recent travels but J and I are anxious to get out of the Monterey/Carmel area, where we stayed last night so we'll have enough time to explore Big Sur and hopefully tour the Hearst Castle today.

So, for the time being, I'll leave you with the above picture we took yesterday in Pacific Grove when we parked the car for a few minutes and walked down to the shore.

I've got tons of pictures and stories to post from our time in San Francisco, of course, and I've promised myself some down time tonight to write about all that. It's hard, because we know we could spend countless days in all these places, but the nature of seeing the entire country is that we can only spend a little time in each place, and that means I sometimes have to hurry and can't linger over coffee and blog writing.

But it's all relative, kind of like how we were just debating how much time we really need to spend driving down the coast today since all we've done for the past week or so is drive down roads featuring seriously breathtaking views, stopping from time to time to get a better look, relax, take a picture, and we can't be heartbroken if we don't get to do that for, like, 12 million hours today. I mean, we're three thousand miles from home and there's still a lot of country out there to see.