A different sort of natural wonder (Las Vegas)

Our stop in Vegas was brief, much to the dismay of some of our friends who, I think, thought we were going to really go wild there, thus balancing out all these parks and museums and general learning going on during this trip. According to the city's well-known catch phrase, what happened in Vegas should stay there, but seeing as the most exciting part of our night was eating Nathan's hot dogs at midnight up in the hotel room with the city lights shining outside our window, I guess it's pretty clear that we don't have much to hide.

I did insist we walk the strip, however, and visit some of the hilarious, over-the-top, amazing hotels and casinos Las Vegas is known for. Plus, you can't go wrong with people watching. I'd been to Vegas before, for my incredibly memorable bachelorette party, but J hadn't and I needed him to see the place before we crashed for the night after a long day of driving.

We didn't gamble at all until the next morning when we played a few 25 and five cent slot machines and, naturally, didn't win anything. I guess you've got to gamble big to win big. But it's ok. At least we had the experience. We even had a scantily-clad waitress come up to us to see if we wanted drinks. At, you know, like 10 a.m. Ah, Vegas, never failing to live up to its good name.