Getting back on track

I was pretty proud of myself for keeping the blog at least somewhat up to date while we were on our cross country trip. Yeah, sometimes I wrote nearly every day and sometimes I played catch-up - writing several entries in one hour when we were finally settled someplace with internet access (the Wigwam, for instance, was a lost cause) and had some time to spare - but in general, I felt I kept up with our travels. I plan to finish writing about the rest of our travels soon, most notably about our time in Santa Fe. We loved it there.

We came home early because of a family emergency, and while things are better now, calmer, it's still been a crazy couple of weeks and while I've, technically, had plenty of time to write on my blog, I guess I just haven't felt like doing it. I've felt more like sitting around in sweats and watching Christmas movies and eating Hershey's kisses and stuff like that. That's what you do when you get back from a road trip and you don't have a job. It just is.

But I've decided I better buck up and start writing regularly again, especially because I don't have a job. And, I mean, this isn't like the last year we spent in North Carolina, where I could joke around about not having a job, but really I was doing a fair amount of freelancing, making money, and filling my days with productive tasks, now, for real, I don't do anything. And if that's not a recipe for interesting blog reading (almost 30-year-old does nothing all day!), honest to God, I don't know what is.