In which I make a pathetic attempt at movie criticism ("Once")

J and I just finished the movie "Once," and because my normal commentary on films normally goes something like "It was so GOOD," (or, if I didn't like it, "it wasn't my favorite,") I'll let an expert - a movie critic at the New York Times - provide this very brief synopsis of this "modern day musical" (a phrase I also stole from the experts) set in Dublin: "It is realistic rather than fanciful, and the characters work patiently on the songs rather than bursting spontaneously into them. But its low-key affect and decidedly human scale endow “Once” with an easy, lovable charm that a flashier production could never have achieved. The formula is simple: two people, a few instruments, 88 minutes and not a single false note."

Anyway, I don't want to over-promote it, or give it away, or scream at you guys or anything, but seriously, if you like movies, and you like music, and you haven't yet seen this please rent it and spend a quiet night at home getting totally into the subtly romantic and moving storyline and the really amazing music played throughout the film. I loved it. And if my loving it isn't reason enough to see it, and I don't know why it wouldn't be, visit the Fox Searchlight homepage for "Once" and listen to "Falling Slowly," performed by the two main characters and I'm pretty sure that will convince you.

This has been another of my rare attempts to try and discuss movies with any authority. Don't worry, it probably won't happen again for a while, and in no time I'll be back to talking about things I know something about. Like how, ok, I finally saw the entire first season of "The Hills" and I CANNOT believe LC chose that loser Jason over going to Paris...