A update (with highlights) about (somewhat boring) things

I haven't been writing too much lately because there hasn't been that much going on to write about, or, truthfully, there's been plenty going on, but I'm not so deluded as to think you want to hear all about the mortgage proceedings we're going through in order to purchase a house. Or my job search. Ot how it's been pretty cold out. But, as I do like to try and keep this blog at least somewhat in tune with my life, I thought I'd write a brief update in the form of a few of the recent highlights:

Heading into New York City for an interview and walking back to Grand Central in the softly falling snow, hands buried deep in my pockets, enjoying the company of thousands of strangers on the sidewalks.

Taking note of the one-month-til-we-move-into-our-house mark on Valentine's Day.

Watching Cecilia gallop through the melted, wet sludge in the backyard, tongue hanging out of her mouth, in great appreciation of this New England winter, like she'd just won a trip to Disney World.

Drinking hot tea and wearing slippers.

Sleeping in.

Hearing all about J's lab adventures when he gets home from work, my personal favorite being stories about he and his labmates taking afternoon espresso breaks, because of course they have an espresso machine down the hall, which makes me insanely jealous.

Complaining about sharing a small bed in J's old childhood room, which means the person sleeping nearest the wall has to climb over the person sleeping on the other side when they get up in the morning, but at the same time stopping to laugh and realizing these will be great stories to look back upon someday, which we will look back on especially fondly from the comfort of a bigger bed.