In craft and technology news, it turns out I'm still not good at either

Because I have a few friends who are having babies, I decided to get out the old knitting bag and do something more useful with my time than reading murder mysteries and waiting anxiously for "Us Weekly" to come in the mail, although honestly there isn't anything much more worthwhile than that. Even though I've tried three or four times in the past with the same end result (throwing the knitting needles down in frustration, shouting something like, "I will never finish this!" and moving on to something more do-able, like maybe taking a nap) I decided I'd try to knit a baby blanket again, which I think is kind of like punishment for knitters, not just for mediocre knitters like me, but for everybody. Because it takes forever. Not that I'd know, I've never finished one. Know why I've never finished one? That's right, I just told you, it takes FOREVER and I unfortunately don't have that kind of patience. Which is why it's amazing that I knit at all.

This time, however - even though I've already messed up and had to start over two times, and even though I probably won't complete this thing until five years now, but hey, people will still be having babies then, right? - I've decided to see it through. And when I finish I'll post a picture on the site and we will have a party. And that party will probably involve me not doing anything crafty again for a long time because I will be very, very worn out.

Another frustration this week is that I've been trying to figure out a way to make my blog header (the part with the birds up above that says "") into a link that will take you, the reader, back to the current homepage when you click it. So let's say you're enjoying a post of mine from 2006. And you're like, "Hey this girl is alright," and you want to see what I wrote about recently. Well, then you'd just click the header, just like on most webpages, and be immediately directed to a homepage with all my most recent posts (right now, you can click the "Home" link in the upper right hand corner of the header, but it's pretty small and difficult to see).

The thing is, I'm not very good at making that happen either. So if any of you computer geniuses out there can tell me a simple way to do it, I will give you a million dollars. Or a shout out on the blog. Whatever seems more appropriate at the time.