Not only does he give wonderful advice, but the grammar and spelling on this one is a B+

I was feeling pretty distracted the other day. The baby thing has suddenly become more of a reality, like, oh my God, we're going to have a BABY, and it's hard not to get excited. Like, excited all the time. Thinking of nothing else. And it's not that feeling excited is a bad feeling - quite the opposite. But I did find myself a little worried. Worried that I might not be able to concentrate on other things that have always been important to me, now that this big news is taking over our lives. Like work, and my life-long goals and aspirations. I mean, will I ever be able to regain my concentration? Well, of course I will, but the other day I wasn't so sure, so I wrote to my father and told him how I was feeling. And this is what he had to say... From: Fred Rotondaro To: Cara McDonough Date: Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 1:09 PM

It's so normal to feel as you do. You're agreat writer and you've done this for five years Ahappy and great wife And the best daughter for thirty years anybody ever had But you've never been a mother before. So this new phenomena. This new reason for being will quite naturally grab you and hold you and make everything else feel not quite so intense. The papa