Answering life's important questions

"Sometimes I wonder, if I saw one of my old high school teachers, what would I call them? Like, would I call them Mr. or Mrs. whatever? Or by their first name?" "I think you'd call them whatever you called them in high school. I think that's normal."

"I mean...if I saw one of my old coaches, I'd definitely call them 'coach.'"

"Sure. Makes sense."

"One of my coaches, Coach Jacobs, was also my teacher. But he didn't want us to call him 'Mr. Jacobs.' He was like, 'Call me Coach Jacobs. Or Coach. Or Jake.'"

"Was his first name Jake?"

"No, his last name was Jacobs. And Jake is a nickname for Jacobs."

"Well, sort of. Except that it's usually a nickname for Jacob when it's somebody's first name. What was his first name?"