Morning sicknesses win in literature vs. a good mystery debate

I was emailing with my father the other day, telling him that J had convinced me to read "The Power and the Glory" by Graham Greene, and that it was very good, but I kind of missed my mysteries. To which my father replied: "Love, Sneak a mystery. You need it. How many morning sicknesses has Dr J had, or lbs gained during this prefnancy?"

I have to admit, for honesty's sake, that I didn't even have morning sickness, so that point is not exactly valid, but I get what he's saying, and although I don't have much of this "prefnancy" left, I plan to use the excuse to my full advantage, as in, "Listen, I know I am perfectly capable of reaching over to the other side of the bed to get the remote, but I mean, I'm pregnant, and how many morning sicknesses have you had?"