findingDulcinea has been nominated for an award and, people, it should win

I don't ask that much of you. Ok, sometimes I ask things of you. Whatever. Point is, nothing is as important as this. I mean, fine, stuff is important. Like your family and your job and everything.

But here's a chance for you to vote for findingDulcinea and help the site win a really important award and, let's face it, you miss voting. You LOVE to vote!

Mashable has nominated findingDulcinea, where I work - and more specifically, a great Web site with tons of reliable information about every subject imaginable, interesting perspectives on current news stories, features, interviews, a blog and more - for an award in its Open Web Awards. You can vote for findingDulcinea once a day every day until Dec. 15 if you want. You want to! You want to!

I'm making it easy for you with the widget below. Have fun. Go crazy.