An untruth, a promise, a picture

A few days ago I turned 31, thus making the header for this blog, in which I celebrate my 30-year-old-ness, not so relevant anymore. Since the tragic loss of my old computer (I still mourn for it, honestly, I do), I haven't re-downloaded the program that allows me to modify the appearance of my blog, but once I do, and once I figure out how to use that program again, I promise I'll correct the information listed above and present you all with a creative new header. That I will have forced my husband to make for me, because, come on, I'm no good at that. I also wanted to mention a New Year's resolution that I failed to list in my previous post, and that's to write on my blog more often. I could go on and on about how, no, for real, I mean it, but the real proof is in the deed. So you have to trust me.

Finally, I thought I'd post this picture of Nora on Christmas morning as a farewell to the holiday season.