Skiing? Forget it.

I've only been skiing two times and I know that's not giving the sport a fair chance, but seriously, I'm not sure I can get into spending all day on top a freezing cold mountain with no way to get down except for hurdling rapidly across icy landscapes and no way to stop, because, no, I haven't masted braking yet, while trying to avoid pummeling into hard, unforgiving trees and other skiers who know exactly what they're doing and are, therefore, even more infuriating, and trying to somehow get pumped about the idea of this weekend that sent shivers through my bones the minute someone sent me an email, subject line "ski trip??!!," that went on to describe this "great time" that involves not only the above but spending a bunch of time with people I'm not really sure I like. Um, sounds AWFUL. Have fun and try not to break your legs.