Post St. Patrick's Day Ramblings

Ramblings, that, by the way, have nothing to do with a hangover or other forms of fatigue, because I got in bed at about 9 last night and, I'm not gonna lie, that was AWESOME. Well, I started "Twilight," and to everyone who told me to read it, be prepared to be on the receiving end of my ire should I stop, you know, working, and taking care of my child, because I want read it obsessively all day and night. I finally gave in this morning during my commute into the city and by the time we reached the Harlem 125th St. stop I was like "What?! What are we doing so close to Grand Central?! Why doesn't this train ride go on FOREVER?"

In totally unrelated news, I wrote a story for findingDulcinea today that I've been wanting to write about for a while, and that's all the confusing, conflicting, scary studies that are out there - studies that parents read, and then they proceed to freak out.

I tend to take a "moderation is best" approach to everything (especially after being in the news business for so long - you read so many studies you have to) but that can be tough when you're constantly reading about how that baby lotion? It can kill you and everyone you love.

Here's an intro with a link to the story. If you are so moved, please share this with friends, post it on Facebook, or on your blog, or on the bathroom wall, whatever you feel comfortable doing. If you told me to read "Twilight," you should feel especially duty driven (and guilty). Help me, and findingDulcinea, get my story out there. I appreciate it so much.

With So Many Confusing Studies, Who Can Parents Trust?

Parents are faced with contradictory—and often scary—studies, on things as varied as autism and bath products. Is there common sense advice?

Read the full story here.