Notes to self

1. It is not ok to wear the brown flats with the swans on them anymore, even though you love them and no one else has them, despite the fact that you got them at Nordstrom, because having holes in one's shoes is only ok when you're 20 and trying to convince the world that you don't need material goods, although maybe not even then. 2. No more Chipotle. Yes, there is a dearth of good Mexican in New Haven, but that doesn't mean you need to run to the nearby chain joint when at the office once a week. Instead, will launch a search for the best tacos in CT! Who's with me?

3. 10 a.m. and still in my robe = relaxed mom. 11 a.m. and still in my robe = let's get our priorities in order.

4. Time to put some motivating tunes on the iPod and go for more than a ten minute run because...

5. Next door neighbor looked me right in the eye the other day and said, "I see you got the 'mom hair cut.'" So it's time for revenge. In the form of hotness.