I had a lot of fun with old Leonardo

I just noticed that Nicole had written a comment asking if I'm still reading the "Twilight" series. Um, yeah, about that. The thing is, I am. It's. All. I. Can. Think. About. I've got a cold right now, and I found myself warm in bed last night, tired as could be, badly in need of sleep, but instead of sleeping, I decided to keep the roughly 800-pound "Breaking Dawn" propped up on my chest for just "one more chapter." Or, you know, seven.

Thankfully there are things in life exciting enough to pull me out of my vampire-induced reverie for a few moments here and there. Like my baby, for instance. She's cute.

I've also had a bunch of really interesting writing assignments for findingDulcinea recently, like this Happy Birthday profile of Leonardo da Vinci that's running today. I'm not sure why I got so into this one in particular, but I'm telling you, by the time I'd finished I was kind of obsessed with the guy. I like how he apparently had a lot of hobbies, so he didn't finish all his projects. And yet he still managed to churn out the "Mona Lisa." It's kind of like when I'm trying to pep talk myself into trying a new recipe for dinner and also finish the laundry, neither gets done. But I still manage to watch "Law and Order SVU." I'm a renaissance woman like that.