When we were planning this trip to Rome, I thought a lot about what to bring (especially as we'd be toting around a seven-month-old) and about the sites we would see, and what we would eat (a lot, I thought about what we would eat a whole lot) but I didn't even have a chance to get excited about the fact that we were going on vacation. You know - VACATION! No work. Waking up whenever - especially as Nora has taken well to jet lag, staying up late with us and not waking up until 11 or so the next day. Taking naps. Strolling, oh man, taking it EASY. The neighborhood where my parents have been renting an apartment for the last few months makes the state of true vacation almost impossible to resist. There are cobblestone streets and bar/cafes on every corner. Third espresso of the day? Gelato? An aperitivo? Definitely. And the fact that Rome is an incredibly walkable city means we're able to take it slow and still see a ton. One of the reasons I love the city so much, in fact, is that you can't walk two feet without some catching a glimpse of some amazing, historic site. Or, you know, an awesome pair of shoes. But seriously, the way the past and present blend in Rome - it takes my breath away.

Coming soon...a few of my favorite pictures so far.