Thoughts on Spencer

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think I might have started liking Spencer Pratt. Maybe "like" is a strong word. But it's not just that I'm tolerating him more, I mean, I'm getting a big kick out of the guy. Did you see that episode of "The Hills" where Heidi's ex came to visit and Spencer spent basically the whole episode riding the guy for his religious/innocent ways? Did you see that? Was Spencer kind of awesome in that one? I mean, he was, right? A little bit hilarious? In other reality TV news I shamelessly tuned excitedly in for the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" season opener the other night only because of all the drama that's been going on lately with their disintegrating marriage and whatnot. Then yesterday, I bought the "Us Weekly" with the couple on the cover. I felt guilty about my interest in their problems for about five minutes before I realized that they decided to make their lives a reality show so, you know what? They're going to have to deal with it. So the fact that I groaned every time they decided to show typical footage of the sextuplet's fifth birthday party, taking precious time away from focusing on the real deal troubles between Jon and Kate, does not mean I'm a bad person. Obsessed with trivial gossip? Maybe. But whatever, I've racked up the volunteer hours and we have a Prius so I'm doing just fine as a human.