I hope I don't drop it in the toilet

Last week, after forcing this poor Verizon salesperson to go through every single possible scenario on every single phone, including the very highest bill I could expect to pay depending on this particular payment plan, and that particular added feature, I bought a BlackBerry. My rationale went something like "I have to get a new phone and I might as well get one with Internet capabilities, because the future is coming." I didn't want an iPhone because I don't know what in the world I would do with all those apps. I mean, what in the name of God do you do with all those apps?!

I like my BlackBerry a lot. One of the reasons I was so hard on email-enabled phones for so long - I mean, besides the total insanity I would receive from my father - is that I didn't see the need to be constantly connected. But having a BlackBerry actually makes me feel quite the opposite. Because going online doesn't now require the business of sitting down at a computer, I'm more casual about it. I'm less obsessive about checking my email because I can do it anytime I want.

J and I are kind of living in a pre-BlackBerry-esque world right now when it comes to movies, if you know what I mean. Like, we never get to go, so when we go, we think whatever we see is pretty much THE BEST MOVIE EVER even if it's not. Parenthood, what can I say? You have this amazing child, but people are all "Hey, have you seen any good movi--" and you're like "DON'T EVEN TAUNT ME LIKE THAT."

The only downside is that I don't find my BlackBerry's technology all that intuitive. Well, for me, anyway. For people who have trouble turning their cable box on with the remote on a regular basis, and usually just give up and turn it on manually, the BlackBerry is kind of hard to figure out.

In fact, the first day I had it, it rocked my world so much (particularly when I couldn't figure out how to manipulate the ringer volume) that I ended up turning it off and stashing it deep in a pocket of my bag. I got so flustered that I somehow buttoned my cardigan so that I attached it to my bag, and when I went to take my bag off my shoulder, I couldn't. You know, because I'd buttoned my bag to my sweater. Smooth. But at least I have a BlackBerry now. Take that, modernity.