Blog Challenge '09: Write every day for three weeks

Hi friends. Yeah, I know.


Write every day for three weeks? Me? Who has gone days and days without writing a single word, instead choosing to watch "The Golden Girls" or way too much MSNBC during precious nap time? I totally know.

But here's the thing. My friend, Karla, one of my favorite people in the world, recently set up a little challenge on her blog, which was to write every day for one and a half weeks. And she has triplets. If you need a definition, that's three babies. One. Two. Three.

I have considerably less babies, but also, lately, I've been complaining about not feeling busy enough on a day to day basis, which is a tricky claim, when, in fact, I feel way busier than I ever did as a working person. But as you with children know, it's a different kind of busy. I miss writing and I miss talking to adults on a daily basis, and while I don't think the Internet totally solves that problem, it helps.

So to kickstart what will inevitably be a season of great productivity (do you like that? do you like the positive attitude?) I'm going to blog every day for three weeks. So maybe the blog post will be a photo one day and a short novel the next, that's ok. It's a project. It's a goal. Yeah, yeah, no one's going to pay me for doing it, but I will reap the rewards of self-improvement.

Look who's already beyond cocky (it's me). Watch out for my next post "Reflections From the Living Room Couch: A Survivor's Tale."