The party life

In the grand tradition of the McDonoughs and the Rotondaros, Nora is really partying it up for her first birthday. We're celebrating September birthdays with family today and last weekend, on her actual birthday, we played outside with friends and had some cake. norabdayhat2


And when I say had some cake, I mean we seriously had some cake.



This has been one of J's biggest fears for all his life, I think. The first birthday party, where the baby gets birthday cake - in this case a delicious Elmo birthday cake - all over his or her face. He hates it, just like he hates it when his ice cream gets melty, and he starts to have a panic attack and has to run and wash his hands.

So during this memorable event, this hallmark of a child's life, as we all stood around and laughed at one-year-old Nora eating her cake like there was no tomorrow, I heard, on my left, a continual refrain oh so quietly muttered as he snapped photos, a grimace on his face: "That's disgusting. That's disgusting. That's disgusting. That's disgusting."