Please excuse the changes to the site while I try and get a new header up. The problem with this task is that I am very excited about it, but I don't have the talent necessary to actually make it happen. So I have to rely on J, who is great at this sort of thing. See. I even have to call it "this sort of thing," that's how ignorant I am. What is it, anyway, this skill set? Graphics? Adobe Illustrator? Drawing? Computer drawing? Is that what it's called? "Computer drawing?"

It's kind of like when you decide you want a haircut, and you decide it must happen this very instant. Except that in that case I'd go to someone and pay them to do the job, and they really couldn't say no. Also, if I didn't like the finished product, I'd probably slink off and complain about it to somebody else. Whereas with my husband, if he designs something for me and I don't find it perfect, I say something like, "No. No no no no no. Not that. Let's do something else. No."

Also, there's the fact that doing computer drawing for me is not all J does with his life. So, like, I'm not sure how pumped he is when he gets home from work, and I'm all, "How was your day?" and he goes, "Well, my cells in the petri dish overgrew on the phosphase C model, and the Western blot I did to ascertain infection levels in the lipid wall SYSE-G looked good, but I need to check out possible contamination in my cox-A gene pool, so what I'm thinking is -" and I'm like, "Right, totally, but how about that blog header?"