J is standing in our living room in his pajama pants and a t-shirt right now, watching the World Series Game 1 - a game, by the way, that I adamantly told him I would not watch with him, because I knew he was going to be obnoxious. I told him, "No thanks, that sounds like a terrible night and I have a Dan Brown novel to read. I'll be upstairs."

But lo and behold, the game's been on a couple hours and I'm still down here, sort of watching. J hasn't been all that obnoxious, despite the fact that I informed him I would (obviously) be supporting the Phillies. Which, in this instance, is as easy as not getting excited when the Yankees do anything remarkable. The worst he's done is tried to show me where he was sitting when he went to the Yankees/Angels game Sunday night, repeatedly pointing to the screen and saying, loudly, "Cara! Look! Look! Look! That's where we were sitting."

I'm not sure of the exact reasoning behind this, but I'm pretty sure my being a Red Sox fan allows me to ignore such behavior.

In any case I wanted to write a post in public support of the Not Yankees Phillies. My new favorite team. That I know nothing about. Except how much they are going to rock the World Series.