Brand new technological world

Last night J set up the iCal application on my laptop so that when I opened it up this morning my week was laid before me in startling clarity. This development is a far cry from the pen-and-paper date-keeping method I've been utilizing for many years with a decorative datebook, which, by the way, I lose every other day. Sometimes every day. And then I have to email J and ask him, "Have you seen my datebook? I could have sworn it was on the computer desk upstairs." I find it three days later and realize I've forgotten to take the dog to the vet. So I make another appointment, write it down in my datebook, lose my datebook, and forget to take her a second time. No, that really happened. J, who tends to be a little more organized than me, even entered in A.M. runs three times a week so that he and I would both know they were coming up, and he'd be prepared to watch Nora that morning and I'd lay my exercise clothes out in advance (anticipating the fact that, while I love a long morning run, the thought of it is, at first, daunting, and having the proper attire there staring me in the face is a helpful incentive). This is exactly the level of organization I tend to avoid vehemently, saying things like, "You don't put 'running' down in your datebook, you just do it." But I'm looking forward to checking out the results of such insanity (common sense). Another plus, I'm far less likely to lose my laptop. Ok, slightly less likely.