Oh my God, I know. I've been sucking at this blog, and I don't even like using the word "suck" guys (have I told you I'm prudish in some ways or what?), that is how much I mean it. The problem is that I do not know how to organize my life anymore. That sounds bad, I realize, like I'm flying around with a sheaf of papers trailing out behind me and my hair wild and I'm wearing a burlap sack or something. But actually, I'm busy and I really like it. I'm working on a few projects, which is terrific, but I haven't quite gotten the hang of allotting time for each aspect of my working life. Or in the case of this blog, my favorite hobby.

We've also been busy in other ways, including a wonderful trip over Presidents Day weekend to New York City and thereabouts with some good friends, during which my passenger-side mirror was ripped from my car, and hanging by a few wires when we found it the next morning, and the oh-so-dutiful boys duct-taped it back on so it wouldn't go flapping around when we were on the highway. Oh, wait, did I mention that in addition to being really busy, I have also been very classy lately?

I'll post a few pictures later on because I think a visual will help you out on that one.

Seriously, though, it's all been so much fun, and even when it's stressful I don't mind because it's stressful in a good way, if that makes sense. J was saying this weekend that while this winter has been bitterly cold, it doesn't seem as long and dreary as last year's. This winter has flown by, he remarked. I know what he means. Last winter our life as a family was new and charming and exciting, but I remember at times feeling as though my primary goal in life was to explain to my husband - every second of every day - how hard it was to stay at home with a baby. I couldn't stress it enough.

I don't ever feel that way anymore - not ever - for many reasons. The moms I've become friends with, and the activities Nora and I have become involved in and the fact that, now, I consider an afternoon at home a welcome respite instead of something that makes me feel lonely. Also, work. I think that feeling satisfied and whole as a mother takes a lot, including the above, but for me the biggest one has been work. Or, I should clarify, work beyond being a mother.

So frantic, yes, but I love the thought that when we look back on this time we will look back on a whirlwind of activities and landmarks and changes. Chasing a near-running toddler and Starsong the purple pony. Professional deadlines and frustrations and successes, and obsessively watching "The Wire" at home. Throwing all our stuff in our bag for a weekend trip and then not having time to unpack it again before the next one. Reading "Goodnight Moon" five hundred times a night and snow days and finally working out regularly. Packing up my computer and taking Nora over to her grandparents so I can get some writing done. Putting on our coats for the millionth time, and waiting for spring.