In which I use this blog and the internet in general as a hopefully non-judgmental receptacle of complaints

This week, beginning with Memorial Day, should have been golden; a shortened work week and an unofficial start to a glorious summer. Flip flops. Being super productive during the day and then binge-watching "Silicon Valley" at night. 

But no. Not exactly. 

Here's what happened. Keep in mind it is only Wednesday. 

1. On Monday, my dog died. A month and three days after my other dog died

2. On Tuesday, I cried no less than seven seperate times about the above. 

3. Then, this morning, an elderly couple drove from the middle lane of one of the main thoroughfares in downtown New Haven directly into my car, which I was driving in the far right lane of the same road, on the way to take Adriana to music class. We pulled over and I rushed over to make sure they were ok (we were totally fine) and the driver, a grouchy gentleman - there is just no denying his grouchiness - got out, pointed to the side of his car, which undoubtedly had sustained more damage than mine, and said, in an accusing manner, "Look at that." And I was like, "Yeah." Then I called the police because his comment suggested to me that maybe they did not realize they had just driven from their lane directly into mine and, more to the point, directly into my car. A kind policeman arrived and took down details, confirmed that this was not my fault, and we all drove away unharmed. But still, not ideal. 

I realize that these occurences constitute nothing more than, to put it provincially, a shitty week, and yet, were distressing enough to at least warrant a blog post with the general theme of, "Can you even believe this?" 

In good news, I am prepared to take action to remedy my mood, including an emergency bout of retail therapy - perhaps buying a few things for the house - which is remarkably effective on me. Almost so effective as to indicate, you know, shallowness. But since I'm already having a not-so-great week, let's say, instead, that I am a resilient person. Who wants to buy some new curtains to brighten up the living room.