Monday gets you really, really down

I mean, fucking Monday. Apologies for the vitriol, but even on this glorious, I-can-feel-a-hint-of-spring-in-the-air-afternoon, I feel like getting way, waaaaaaaay under the covers and turning on a feel good movie that I've seen 700 times, like maybe "Best in Show," and waiting for tomorrow to show up.

I was just discussing with a friend how it's a weird feeling to have the "Monday blues," or whatever you want to call them, when you don't work in an office. It seemed ok in the workplace, like everyone was in it together and maybe you'd all go out for a drink after the terrible day was over or you'd eat the donuts that so-and-so had graciously brought in that morning, and you'd all talk about how it really isn't that bad.

And sidenote, it isn't. I'm in complaining mode because I had a truly wonderful weekend. A weekend that included good friends, and new friends, and family, and the sun setting over a marsh and then the next day, a sun setting over a big rock. Fried oysters. Espresso made by a nice woman in the Italian section on a 40-year-old espresso machine made in Italy! Candid talks around what myself and a few others dubbed a bong drink, which, believe me, has nothing to do with drugs and everything to do exactly what I love about cocktail parties.

So the fact that I'm feeling dejected today because it's over? Boo hoo, I know. But what I'm really trying to get at is that dealing with this feeling without the office is a strange thing. Suggestions?

Even as I type, though, the feeling is fading and the sun is getting low, which means it's almost Tuesday. And even though Tuesday, for me, means another long day of working on my computer, at least it's Tuesday, and Tuesday, for inexplicable reasons is, obviously, just so, so much better.