Small bits and pieces

The state of my mind is as such that if I tried to write a cohesive blog post with beginning, middle and end, it would sound pretty bad and forced, so I'm settling for a few brief sentences about life in general before I begin a total blog revolution (well, personal blog revolution, that is, wherein I write a lot, hell yes, that's a revolution). And speaking of revolutions... Who watched the sneak preview of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution"? And who thought it was totally, totally awesome? I cannot possibly dredge up the negative energy it would take to say that it is "unrealistic" or won't work because our country is too set in its ways. How depressing. Go Jamie, go!

You wanna know what else? Cara McDonough's Clutter Revolution. In this house. Yeah, for real. You'll see.

I spent the past few days in Maine with Nora and my parents. She ran around outside in the chilly air with rosy cheeks picking up stray pine cones and rocks in the driveway, exploring and breathing in the fresh Maine air. Also at one point during a quiet dinner out (all the dinners out are quiet in Boothbay pre-summer because no one in their right mind goes up there) she started yelling "Poopy! Poopy!" and then she did one. I understand why people get annoyed with children but also, come on, they're hilarious.

I am way waaaaayyyyyyy into "L.A. Candy," despite, admittedly, at first criticizing LC for the dialouge. In fact, I'm a little tempted to read it right now...