Vacation post

Or, should perhaps more aptly be titled "Post Written While Looking Out at the Ocean and Thinking Very Seriously About Turning the Computer Off." Anyway, we're on vacation, so my blogging frequency will be less-than-ideal for the immediate future. However, I will be tweeting about my vacation, if you happen to want to read annoying comments about how much fun I'm having at the beach. Tweets like "I'm looking for seashells," or "I'm sitting by the pool," or "I'm still sitting by the pool but now with a margarita," or "Practicing underwater headstands."

Which, by the way, is pretty much what happened today.

This vacation has been amazingly relaxing because it feels truly earned as I had a ton of work in the past couple weeks. But I'll certainly be excited to start writing more again once the vacation is over. The vacation being over, though, is a thought that sort of makes me want to cry, so enough for now.