Us vs. him

Nora and I are headed to Pennsylvania for a quick trip to visit my grandmother, where we will catch up with family and participate in one of my all-time favorite activities: sitting around over coffee in the morning. For hours. This is what the women in my mother's family do. J hates this. We wake up, serve ourselves whatever kind of delicious breakfast pastry my grandmother bought that week and talk forever in our pajamas. Gossip. Life lessons. The good old times, whatever.

After experiencing this for the first time, J was like, "Are you kidding me?" He had, of course, awoken before everyone else, showered and assumed we were going to, well, do something. Maybe that's the male mentality, I don't know.

He's staying here this weekend because he's got a ton of work to do. So while I was packing this morning, I showed him the bathrobe I was putting in my duffel bag. "Do you know why I'm packing this?" I asked him. "It's for sitting around in the morning and -"

Before I could get the words out of my mouth he was all but yelling, "OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO BE HERE BEING SO PRODUCTIVE DURING THAT TIME."