An adventure, all right

I've been in almost non-stop Poland planning mode this past week, to the point where J had to state strongly, "Cara! Everything's fine! We'll get it all done!" this morning because I was asking repetitive questions regarding certain items on my to do list. That's just how I am about travel. It makes me nervous, and it's multiplied by 1,000 since having a child, because I have to pack for her, too. Plus, there is the level of unfamiliarity involved with this particular trip to the Czech Republic and Poland. Here is one of the lines from the Google Maps directions I got for the drive from the Prague airport to our destination on Friday:

Continue onto Ji?æn?? spojka (signs for Teplice/Mlad?° Boleslav/Hradec Kr?°lov?©/Spo?ôilov)


But in all seriousness, there is something about the thrown-together/unknown lands/chatty toddler/Polish wedding part of this trip that makes me all the more excited. It's going to be really fun, and really, really funny.

Nora's beyond ready and has been screaming about Poland for a couple days now, despite the fact that she doesn't know what Poland is. When I told her we were going upstairs to change her diaper earlier this morning she said, "No! Poland! Airplane!" and I was like, you've got it, little one. One more day. And we are going to have the time of our lives.