I take the kind that tastes like coffee, with a little milk

Holy shit, I hate a cup of flavored coffee. Let me be clear. I don't mean a nice hazelnut latte, which I consider a very infrequent treat. What I mean is something like the blueberry flavored coffee that's often featured at this local bagel shop we go to. Or the pumpkin coffee that's all the rage at Dunkin' Donuts right now. I remember all too well during my teenage years when my father - always up for an ill-advised experiment - would sometimes "try a little something" with his coffee brewing in the morning. He'd bring my mother a cup, she'd take a sip, slowly put her mug down and say, "Fred, what did you do to this? Did you put something in here?"

And he'd proudly announce that, yeah, "I put a little cinnamon in. Thought that would make it sexier!"

I believe he finally learned his lesson, and I take after my mother. Leave those beans alone.