Sweatpants required

I remember thinking a while back that when we had another child, it would be crazy and fun, most likely tiring and challenging, but that it wouldn't be as big of a deal. I don't mean that we'd love that second child any less than our first (who do you think I am?) but that everything surrounding the pregnancy, birth and those first few months would be somewhat familiar. But you know me. I'm wrong, like, all the time.

We're doing it again.

And a few weeks ago, when I was lying on the examination table in my doctor's office, and the midwife had the heart rate monitor on my belly while we listened to the rapid, "woosh woosh woosh" sound of this new little life, I am telling you, it was all the excitement I could ever feel times a million. Familiar? No way.


Nora's brother or sister is due in April. I think I'll go ahead and start putting Prozac in Mina's food now.