Now with binders

This morning we decided to take out all our 2010 tax information, in the hopes of getting taxes filed in the next few days. If there is such a thing as a "nesting" instinct, the way mine has manifested during these last few months of pregnancy is that I get super worked up about completing various clerical and organizational items before the baby comes, but what I really want is someone else to do these things for me (my husband).

So we're sitting on the couch having coffee and J is looking through the manila folder containing all the tax forms he's collected. He had made a pledge to be more organized about the whole thing this year and he totally took that pledge to heart. I was already impressed.

But then, as he was assessing the information, including a detailed checklist he'd made outlining what he believed we would need to complete the project, he was like, "Hm, I'm not sure about this one...let me check and see what we did last year," and then he pulled out this huge binder with all our tax forms and returns from years past, included carefully typed, labeled tabs and clear plastic folders and coordinating items stapled together ever so carefully.

And I was like, "What is that? What is that?" And he was like, "I told you I was going to be more organized this year." Then I asked him if he was going to be like this forever? Because I was not. I was never going to be like this. I would make sure we always had diapers in the house and I'll plan dinner every single night, but I will never, ever be like this, and he said "Of course."

And that is how our love story, which began when we made out at a New Year's party in 2002, just got that much more romantic.