B? B+?

If only I'd swapped "get hooked on the show 'Pretty Little Liars'" for "see a Puffin" and "learn how to make a martini" for "get a book deal," I'd have done even better. 1. run a 20K 2. get into tea 3. try cloth diapers 4. take a ride on the carousel at Lighthouse Point 5. sing Irish songs at an Irish bar 6. attend a lecture at Yale 7. plan weekly (or almost weekly!) dates with my darling husband 8. get a book deal 9. improve the home office 10. visit Essex, CT 11. take another cooking class 12. read three novels (not mysteries) 13. see a Puffin 14. take the kids to a baseball game 15. build a sandcastle 16. have a Dark and Stormy at McSeagull's 17. swim laps in a swimming pool 18. take a boat ride 19. spend lots of time in our back yard 20. have a party 21. grill some octopus 22. buy a record 23. make a photo album 24. get some sleep 25. go on a Sunday drive