I haven't been writing much here because...

...a) I am tired, not because of my children, no, but because of staying up later than I should to watch old episodes of "Arrested Development" or the occasional episode of "Sons of Anarchy," which J is watching because he's really into it, and I am sometimes watching, because, holy hell, that guy who plays Jax b) I have been pretty busy (evidence: here is something I wrote recently for the Daily Nutmeg about the airport near our house, and here's another one about a cemetery and a ghost, and here's another one that made some Catholics angry, that I wrote for The Huffington Post

c) social media distracts me when I could be doing more productive things

d) all of the above

D! It's D! And I'm going to try hard to change the situation, because it's certainly possible to do a little more writing than I'm already doing, especially if I cut back just a little on other things, like the twitter feed or the television. Except maybe not Jax. I mean, he and I aren't over-committed anyway. It's real casual.