Things I like, winter-is-coming edition

You guys remember last winter and how much I enjoyed it


After that abysmal trek through Connecticut's most notable season, I decided that there was no way it could happen again. That next year, I wouldn't sit inside getting all angsty about our five foot walk to the car three hours before it was scheduled to happen. That I would, somehow, enjoy winter. 

And we're already here. While it's technically still fall, todays highs aren't projected to go any higher than 34 degrees. When I took the sleeping baby out of the car this morning, the frigid winds touched her face, she woke up with a start and I thought, "OH MY GOD it's happening aga--" before I stopped myself and remembered last year's pledge. "Don't do it," I thought. Don't go down that road. Certainly not before Thanksgiving, anyway. We've got plenty of weeks ahead. Let's start out on a moderately good note. 

So, today, I'm writing about the things I like; things that distract me from the descent of winter, and activities to fill even the harshest days. 

Serial. If you aren't listening to this addictive podcast (narrated by Sarah Koenig, of "This American Life"), I'm not really so sure we should be talking. Mostly because if we do talk, all I will talk about is the podcast, which investigates the 1999 murder of a high school girl in Baltimore. Did the jury wrongly convict the guy who is currently serving a life sentence for killing her? Well, did they?!? 

Taylor Swift, "Shake It Off." Obviously. 

The YMCA. Awhile back I toured a local Y branch - a new building with gorgeous facilities - and decided that at some point we'd join. I made good on that decision last week so that the kids can take swimming lessons and we can spend unplanned weekend days this winter in the pool. Nora and I visited Saturday during open swim hours and spent some time splashing around and chatting, mostly about how she thinks we need a dedicated YMCA bag where we'll keep our towels and suits and whatnot. She plans to decorate it herself with a "Y" and a heart. These are the delightful discussions I have with my six-year-old. I'm excited for more swimming dates. 

The NPR "All Songs Considered" radio station on Apple TV. Because this is available via the simple "radio" option on our Apple TV (not the newer iTunes radio) this station plays what it plays without me having to vote songs up or down or provide any other input, which appeals to my sense of real fear regarding the ways people listen to music nowadays and how I'm never going to catch up. I had this on in the background last night and liked nearly everything I heard.

A cappuccino and something sweet. To thine own self be true and everything, and my own self is really enjoying this on an almost daily basis. So be it.