list of complaints

I am in not the greatest mood, probably a result of being away for a week - visiting my parents in Maryland - during the kids' spring break and the inevitable let-down that occurs when you return to normal life. Nora was experiencing this same feeling this morning, I think, but instead of the quiet grumbling I am doing, her mood manifested in open weeping and my having to pull her out of her bed (top bunk) and force clothes onto her flailing body. 

I thought that instead of suffering silently, I'd make a list of my concerns so that I can begin to address them. And that I'd share them with you so that we can all celebrate how selfish I am being today. I feel better already. 

  • pants are too tight
  • feeling politically confused 
  • not warm enough yet
  • price of dog medicines 
  • congestion possibly related to allergies, even though I claim I don't have allergies
  • conflicted about whether or not I still like "Game of Thrones"
  • our plumbing is not good (generalization of a more specific problem I do not understand)
  • unsure about what to make for dinner always
  • lack of book deals
  • how do they get the minivan so, SO dirty, in a matter of, like, five minutes?