Just me, the big dog, the old cat and a glass of wine

Just about an hour ago J left with Mina. He's headed up to DC tonight, then onto Connecticut tomorrow for a stag party organized by his dad - I can't wait to hear stories. But what's hitting me now is the major loss of presence in this house. Sure, Cecilia's all curled up on the couch with me, and I'll probably let her sleep in the bed later on (which is normally completely forbidden) and I've got "The Apprentice" on and am having a glass of Yellow Tail wine (so if I don't drink it all, which I won't, I won't feel bad about it, damn good bargain, Yellow Tail...) but I miss them. Ok. I know. I'm lucky to have a tall, cute boy and tiny, uber-intelligent dog live in the house at all. And I shouldn't complain. But it's a whole different place with them gone. No J to get distracted, needing me to get him back on task. No Mina to bring me a toy when I say "go get a toy." And worst of all, no two warm bodies in the bed - at least not the regular ones (despite the fact that I kick the little princess out over and over, she's sneaky, and gets right back in). It's ok though, because I have two replacements lined up. We three are going to get nice and comfy, maybe read a little "Confederacy of Dunces" and enjoy our time together, until Sunday, when the family is reunited and disorganization (and happiness) ensues.