Adventures in Europe

From: Kathleen RotondaroTo: Cara McDonough Sent: Sun June 4, 2006 Subject:

Hi, Cara-- Just got back from an afternoon of walking around an old Parisian neighborhood called " le Marais". It was fun. Dad bought a ridiculous pork pie hat that is all different color checks-- he loves it, of course. He is going a little crazy because my blackberry works and his doesn't.

We are going out to dinner later but are now taking a rest. Glad you guys are having a good week.

Tomorrow we are going to Monmartre and the flea market. Then we leave for Istanbul on Sunday.

Talk to you soon.

Love Mom

From: Fred Rotondaro To: Cara McDonough, Vinnie Rotondaro Sent: Tue June 6, 2006 Subject: The Turkish cop

Just asked a cop for directions. We started talking, switched hats, and took a picture.

He wore my plaid hat and I wore his cop hat.


From: Kathleen Rotondaro To: Cara McDonough Sent: Thurs Jun 8, 2006 Sunject:

Dad and I are sitting in a sidewalk cafe in the theoretical high end shopping district. Dad has on a green shirt with blue stripes and his madras patchwork bermudas. He is also sporting his Gerber baby hairdo. Very cute.

Hope everything is good there.

Love Mom